COSOLTRANS S.C.L., was founded in December 1993, consisting of 10 members. At first it´s main activity was focused on specific transport for public works, but as time passed and after many years of challenges, this eventually led to the expansion of the capital and shareholders. Today, the activities are divided into four companies and gives employment to more than 250 independant employees and small companies associated with the group.

COSOLTRANS is much more than just a group of companies in the field of transport and public works, the group offers a wide range of services both transport with tautliners, low loaders (national), frigo trucks, bulk carriers (national), machine rental and in addition, a wide range of support services to self-employed professionals and SME´s. The emphasis is based on building a network that facilitates the cooperation of several partners and also offers the possibility to be able to respond to new projects. We constantly search for new assignments and the group provides the technical means and specialized staff and the best posible service to their customers.

The Head Office of Cosoltrans is located in the industrial area of Saprelorca. In our company we offer services including a fully automatic truck wash with high pressure spray, as well as a petrol station equipped with diesel fuel and Adblue pumps 24 hours.


From the start management of all activities was charged by their founders to be able to work with specialized experts from different fields, all related to the Cosoltrans-Group (Administration, Logistics, finance …). This is one of the success factors for the sustainability and growth of the group. The management of the processes are carried out in strict accordance with the quality standards for approved units which are specially recognized. The activities of the COSOLTRANS group are characterized by the pursuit of security and the well-being of its people, the protection of the environment, the quality of products and competitive services.



We have a strict policy applied to our partners. Thanks to our experience in the management of outsourcing, we manage all transport as efficient as posible and guarantee the quality of our services. All our partners meet our obligations for deadlines and so we guarantee quality of our services.




    The connection point Lorca-Puerto Lumbreras is the Mediterranean gateway to Andalucia and at the same distance from the provinces of Girona and Huelva as well as between the French and Portuguese border, in addition being the centre between France and Morocco. Taking the connection into account, we believe it is a priority to guarantee the management of the goods in the South of the region of Murcia and the North of Almeria. It is for this reason that we intend to create a Logistics Center (C. I. T. S) in the vicinity of the Saprelorca industry area, as being an exceptional meeting point on the junction of the highways A-7, A-91, AP-7, and the C3211.

    This new logistics centre will consist of various establishments and a large parking area for heavy vehicles. The center will also contain a building with two floors for offices, another building for maintenance and truckwash, a warehouse, refrigerated storage and an area destinated for the construction of a petrol station. The rest of the field will be equipped with an ecological infrastructure.

    The Logistics Center will also provide the possibility of the execution of other logistical tasks.

    More services of general interests that the center will offer consist of a traffic and safety center (24 hours), a hotel with restaurant and coffee corner, a truck driving school, a small supermarket and a bank branch.

    The Center will also offer specific services to vehicles, such as truck repair, car wash and the disinfection of indoor spaces, a weighbridge and a shop for spare parts and accessories. As a result this new transport point will offer important cost savings to companies from the region that want to integrate with us .