Logistics and distribution

Job generators

As a consolidated group COSOLTRANS wants to continue to grow in order to provide employment to more people. Our main mission is being a base for our independent partners and SME´s to strengthen their position and helping them to meet challenges. This business model is based on cooperation and has a great influence on the growth of employment in the region.

COSOLTRANS group consists of 42 employees, the majority on permanent payroll and 20 founding members. Furthermore, the group has more than 300 employees, these are spread over the four companies.

It is always difficult to have an exact employment figure as indirect jobs are concerned, but we base ourselves on the basis of turnover, investment and information obtained from our main suppliers, the COSOLTRANS-group indirectly generates 60 additional jobs.

Although these persons are not directly employed by the group, these people provide their services to companies in the name of COSOLTRANS, fullfilling their main tasks such as: selling fuels, technical services, telecom, business management, etc. In total, the group has already created 400 jobs in the region.

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